Bitcoin books faq

What is Bitcoin Books

It is a new way to share books using the Bitcoin BSV blockchain.

How to buy books on Bitcoin Books?

You need to have BSV to purchase the NFT eBook. Find how to buy BSV here.

What is stored on Bitcoin Books?

The NFTs and the eBooks are directly stored on the Bitcoin BSV blockchain.

Why did you choose Bitcoin BSV?

We chose it because it is the only blockchain that allowing storing files and micropayments.

How do you use NFTs with eBooks?

You can think of the NFT as the eBook cover, and the eBook itself as the content. Thanks to the NFT, you can resell your eBooks after reading it.

How to redeem the eBooks?

After purchasing the eBook on this site, you will be able to download the instructions to redeem your eBook. If you bought the NFT version, then you will receive the instruction directly to your inbox, just open Baemail signing with the same Relayx account and you will find it there. (if for some reason you haven’t received it, contact us)

Will I lose the NFT when I redeem?

No, you will not. The NFT is the cover and you will get the eBook. When you sell the NFT, you can keep the eBook obviously and the new user will be able to apply for redeem the eBook from us again.

What type of eBooks I can find on Bitcoin Books?

You can find either “free” books, where free means there is no copyright and so we are able to distribute them. These books belong to the public domain. You will also be able to find new published eBooks, the authors have published on Bitcoin Books.

Are you planning to sell paperbacks as well?

This is our goal but it depends on how the feedback we will receive.

What is IBBN?

It is the International Bitcoin Book Number and it is the unique code that identify a Bitcoin Book in the blockchain.

What is the benefit for authors to publish on Bitcoin Books?

Your books will be decentralized, censorship resistant and forever stores on the Bitcoin blockchain. Authors will also benefit from 7% royalties forever, not only in the first sales, but in the secondary market.

Can the eBooks NFTs gain more value?

NFTs can be traded freely on the Relayx Marketplace and the price will be decided by the users. We will never increase the supply of a given NFTs, but we can still sell access to the eBooks on-chain.

How to start?

Sign up on Relayx, get some BSV, learn how to buy BSV online, and purchase an eBook on Bitcoin Books.